Tinted colorimetry glasses


We love to hear feedback from our valued customers … please send us your feedback about your experience with Clarity Colorimetry via our contact page, by email at info@claritycolorimetry.co.uk or Facebook.


“Macey says thank you for the glasses, she loves them. You and your service made a huge and positive impact on her life, so thank you. Looking forward to the new orange lenses.” Katie Pountain


“Megan has found a new love for reading since getting her glasses in August! She turned 10 at the beginning of the summer holidays and last year was assessed with a reading age of 7 years. She was re-assessed 1 month ago and now has a reading age of 10 years 1 month. We are so proud of how far she has come with the help of a bit of ‘clarity’!! Thank you so much!” Claire Summer


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