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Coloured Overlays

Coloured overlays can make all the difference to those suffering from visual stress. With research showing significant improvements in reading, especially relating to accuracy and speed.

Testing using coloured overlays is the first step in whether a child or adult could find tinted or coloured lenses beneficial as an aid in reading and writing.

What are coloured overlays?

Coloured overlays are simply plastic transparent sheets that can be laid over the text, to change the colour of the background.  Twelve colours are used singly, or corresponding colours together to produce a range of hues and saturations and the patient is asked to comment on the effect each one has on the page while reading.

Coloured overlaysSome individuals may report greater comfort when using the chosen overlay, but show fewer immediate improvements while reading. However, any improvement in reading speed of above 5% justifies a trial with an overlay lense.

The colour is specific to the patient, and it is recommended that the patient tries the prescribed colour overlay for a number of weeks to assess whether it proves helpful for reading.  If overlays are beneficial, colorimetry is the next stage in the process to help visual stress.

‘Both coloured plastic overlays and/or precision tinted lenses can help to remedy Visual Stress.’

The optimum colour (whether for overlays or precision tinted lenses) can change over time, especially in children. It is recommended that children with visual stress undergo a colorimetry test every year. The colour is less likely to change for adults and usually colorimetry is only repeated for adults if they feel that the benefit from their current colour is reducing.

It’s important to understand that coloured overlays present no danger to an individual’s eyesight.

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